Rename of a client

Which is the proper way to rename a client?
Is is safe to change form the urbackup client’s setting under “computer name”?
I nee dto maintain the same backup, only change name


Please, I need this now.

We can change the client name from database, without adding as a new client.

Changing client name is bad idea. Because during the deduplication urbackup creating symlink too. If you change the client name It will broke all the symbolic links, but my case backup retention period was 7 days. So I changed in that way.

So the bes pratice is to delete and readd?
damn I will lost 100 gb of transfer…

You could try add newname, backup, then delete oldname.
That way deduplication should symlink to the 100GB already there rather than starting from nothing, like preseeding.

Delay final deletion of client oldname for a while if you need to retain old backups.