Rename clients name not working

Hello All,

I have big number of clients, It’s very hard to find a restore entry when I restore a computer, so I want to change clients names.
when I use ‘Separate settings for this client---->client—>computer name’ to change name, it’s not working, the client name not changed.
Does anyone can tell me how to rename a client?

Does anybody knows how to change client names?

hi, i did what you do (same to your as Settings > Client > separate settings for this client > Client > Computer name > Save), after save, it said completed, it seems nothing happen, after a while i go back to main page, i saw a new (renamed) client name is backup, the old one is still there.

So i guess, this is not a rename, just create a new client with new name.

Yes yes yes ,Me too , it’s UrBackup bug?
I cannot find any advice from UrBackup guide.

same issue here (server version 2.1.19)

one more thing : it would be nice to have the option to update the client name automatically if the client computer changes its name.

I have achieved this without adding one more client. I have directly edited the client name from the database(/var/urbackup/urbackup-server.db) and changed the client name on the client side setting also.

It’s working fine. I can able to take backup and restore also.

Note: Need to change the backup location name of client directory also.

so is there a process to creating a new client on a local network so that the name aligns with what i created on the URbackup ?
example .
i created test-client1 but the real pc name is client1 , but we want to name the client by location but also have local server onsite as well for the local office .

so my issues is even though i have the main server create the account for test-client1 and the CFG file installed on the PC shows that is the pc name when the local server has the same name created it still only finds the local PC name client1 .

there isnt much in the way of documentation on this . i have see a few forum questions answer with editing the DB for the urbackup but there has to be a simpler way . we are not talking about renaming a URbackup but creating a new client then deploying it .

i am going to do more testing this week . but was hoping for some help :slight_smile: