Removing Old Directories on Backup BTRFS File System Location?

Earlier I was having problems getting good image backups (the clients that had errors (not all clients) were based from 7/15/20 images which urbackup claimed were not a subvolume. I thought this was unique).

Not wanting to just remove those clients and start over as I get anxious until enough new backups are saved, I renamed the client directories, removed the client in urbackup and re-added those clients. Now I have these old renamed directories taking up space on my BTRFS filesystem and cannot find a way to delete them. As root, I get a read only filesystem error as I attempt to delete them. If I run urbackupsrv remove-unknown, that doesn’t remove them, either. The directory names that I want to remove have never been real urbackup client names.

How can I remove them and regain the space that they take?? Thanks!

They are most likely btrfs subvolumes, so you’ll need btrfs subvolume delete instead of rm or rmdir.

Thanks for the reply. In my case, that does not work. btrfs subvolume delete tells me: “ERROR: not a subvolume:”

I am trying to delete directories (client name) right under urbackup backup directory in case that matters.

The subvolumes are the “timestamped” (e.g. 200809-2220) directories inside the client’s directory. You can check where the individual subvolumes are with btrfs subvolume list /path/to/mountpoint.

Thanks. I just came across that, too. So, I would need to “btrfs subvolume delete /path/to/mountpoint/(entry)” each of those entries?

Thanks again @capi

All good.