Removed Urbackup-server and start clean

OK my urbackup got messed up somehow I am running Ubuntu. I could not figure out how to fix so I would like to start fresh. I deleted everything in backup partition and removed urbackup-server. Then reinstalled. Went to website and everything is still being reported.

The issue which caused this is I kept running out of disk. I tried rbackupsrv cleanup --amount 45% But got errors trying to delete backups which did not exist. I tried urbackupsrv repair-database and that did not work. So I want to start clean.

You have to get rid of the UrBackup installation Path.
For example: if you uninstall Urbackup, check if C:\Progam friles\UrBackup still exists.

If yes - delete it. (The Database is stored there aswell).
Getting Rid of the Backups is ok, but not necessary as UrBackup wont recognize them without the Database.

Try this, it should work :slight_smile:
If not tell me, i’ll try to help you further.

Thanks, I use Ubuntu and I found this apt-get purge urback… worked. Still don’t know what made urbackup stop working to force removal reinstall. Anyway now running 2.1 series.

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