Remove_unknown hands at PASSIVE WAL CHECKPOINT completed

Hi there,

I started the remove_unknown.bat file and now it hangs at this line:
2018-09-14 11:43:14: WARNING: Restarting symlink check. Starting deep directory link check…
2018-09-14 11:44:38: Passive WAL checkpoint of urbackup\backup_server_files.db completed busy=0 checkpointed=224145 log=224145

Now it is 13:31 and nothing changed. So I wonder if there is something wrong or maybe it is normal.

Shall I stop the batch file by using CTRL+C?

The backup_server_file.db is nearly 11 GB. Maybe it takes some time.

I’m happy for any advice.

It takes some time, or can, I’d leave it

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OK, thanks…so I’m still waiting :slight_smile:

Well 1.7GB file took most of the day when I ran that last, though machine was also busy with other stuff… You might want to check cpu activity & try to deduce if it’s actually hung.

What I can’t tell you is what the consequences of killing it might be, for that you’ll need to wait for someone who knows.

Well, I waited and it took hours. But at 3am in the morning it was finished.
Now I have enough space to continue the backup.

But what I now see ist that the host machin (the urbackup server) gets out of space during backup. I have 4 250 GB SSDs with RAID 10 installed. So I have nearly 500 GB space. When the server is doing nothing I have at least 400 GB free space. But during the backups I habe sometimes only 0MB left…

We’re having exactly the same problem;

the directory keeps running out of space… We only have backups of a dozen servers and we experiencing a lot of issues… Any thoughts on how to resolve?

After running the command urbackupsrv remove-unknown

it gets stuck on:-