Remotely change directories to backup

How is it possible to remotely change the directories to backup? Where is this information stored?
Is there an option in the Server-UI I overlooked? Is it possible by changing a file on the client?

thanks for any insight

Settings, Permissions, first item: Allow client side changing of directories to back up, must be checked (enabled).

Settings, File Backups, 7th and 8th items are Excluded files (with wildcards), and Included files (with wildcards).

Both of those (Excluded/Included files) entry lines have a “?” at the end of the input box. Click and it will take you to the manual.

thanks for your fast response. But this settings are just the default directories. I want to change the directories of various existing clients to different directories, which can not be overridden locally.

Is this possible?

If you want to control the client’s settings and not allow the client to change them, then that first setting “allow client-side changing of directories” needs to be unchecked from it’s default setting of enabled. After that, you simply add in directories you want backed up (with wildcards: backup directory C:/ProgramFiles/* for instance) and eliminating any default directories/files you do not want backed up.

With the first setting disabled (enabled by default), it will allow the server to establish what is backed up. The client will then no longer be able to change those settings.

thanks! But where on the server (without the need to a local login on the client) can I change/add/delete the directories per client? I could not find this option … maybe I am blind (then I am very sorry to bother you) but could you point me to this “simply add in directories you want backed up”?

Assume that I have configured 2 clients (CLIENT1, CLIENT2) both backup C:\Users\bla. I want to change that CLIENT1 backups C:\Users\blubb and CLIENT2 should backup E:\ … how can I do this?

Thanks for you patience.

You should be able to put those entries into the setting I show in the screen grab. Make changes consistent with whatever the client is.

Select Client One in the Clients Box at the top (jagged arrow).
Add your included files in the "Included Files (with wildcards) box (second left pointing arrow).
Click on Save at the bottom.
Repeat for Client Two.

you can reach the server from IP ADDRESS:PORT (usually 55414) from within your LAN.

thanks!! I did not realize that I can select the individual clients with this dropdown :see_no_evil: