Remote restore image via SSH with UrBackup RestoreCD

Now, to restore the image, we must be directly behind the computer to which we want to restore the image.
There is no way to perform all actions remotely via ssh.

I would like to have an UrBackup SSH Restore CD so that the user does not need to select anything.

Instead, it booted from a USB flash drive and immediately after bootup appeared on the screen to connect, use:
login: root
password: URBrestorePassd

Then we connect via ssh and restore the system. The system administrator is very happy because he didn’t have to go anywhere :grinning:

Thus, you can ask any employee who does not understand computers at all to insert a USB flash drive, and then restore the OS by SSH connecting to the IP address.

I think it would be a very useful option!

Thank you in advance!

Wouldn’t be too much work:

  • Add the openssh-server package to the restore cd
  • Configure openssh-server so that it allows password login
  • Configure password … maybe “urbackup” / “live” works already?
  • Set shell to something that starts /root/urbackuprestoreclient --restore-wizard

I think I wouldn’t want this with the normal restore cd since everybody could login with the known password…

This is greate!
Thank you so mutch!

The password could be random generated, so everytime will be different password.

I will try to create this UrBackup Restore CD with SSH.
If it will work fine I will post this .iso here!