Remote configuration of client directories to backup

There is any way to configure the directories to backup on a client without having to access the pc?
Lets say assign the directories to backup trough the servers webinterface?

Because without this how can i be sure that all the folder I need are still in added to backup and the user didn’t remove it?
How can I add new folders without having physical access to the pc?
Its grate to have remote configuration of the client but the most important part of what folders to backup is missing!.

Thank you very much!!


Oh!! THIS could be the better thing that’s ever happened!!
I’m surprised i didn’t see more people asking for it.

Most of that is already there; I just don’t know if the server Web interface shows the updated settings as modified by the client.

Until then: Do an image backup (manual or automatic) of the desired computer (client). Mount the image and note which files/directories need to be backed up. Enable separate settings for that client, mark that the client is not allowed to change the settings, and include those directories in the list of items to back up. Save.

I don’t know where do you live, but that’s impossible here, internet connections are 1 mbps upload at most… can’t even think how much will last an image backup.
File backup works well.
It’s just the best dream to see a file tree for a connected client and check folders to backup :smiley: