Remote clients appear connected but server says they are offline

Hi folks,
I am a newbie to URB and thought I had my install under control. Wrong…
I have installed two remote clients by logging into the server webui and
and downloading the client directly after reading another post. This did
not resolve this issue.
I have uninstalled the client, rebooted the pc and reinstalled. The values
in the client are valid. I have opened the required ports on the border router
ie 55413 to 55415 but still no backups.
Can someone please indicate what I am doing wrong. The local LAN
clients are all working.
TIA :slight_smile:


Update: I have found the issue resolver.
In the URBackup folder there is a batch file enable_internet_only.bat.
I ran this as administrator and lo and behold the server now has the
pc’s online.
I hope this helps those who have viewed this post.


Hi, Spoke too soon. They both just dropped offline again.
This is truly frustrating. Can anyone suggest where to look.

Extract from last entry in log file
2023-04-28 02:30:42: urbackupserver: No available slots… starting new Worker
2023-04-28 02:30:42: ClientService cmd: STATUS#pw=XXXXXXN0ufvInZrIfFH0KhpMbIGmY
2023-04-28 02:30:42: Trying to connect to internet server urbackup://
2023-04-28 02:30:42: Successfully connected.
2023-04-28 02:30:52: Error receiving challenge packet
2023-04-28 02:30:52: InternetClient: Had an auth error
2023-04-28 02:31:02: Error receiving challenge packet
2023-04-28 02:31:02: InternetClient: Had an auth error
2023-04-28 02:31:33: ClientService cmd: STATUS#pw=XXXXXXN0ufvInZrIfFH0KhpMbIGmY
2023-04-28 02:32:25: ClientService cmd: STATUS#pw=XXXXXXN0ufvInZrIfFH0KhpMbIGmY
2023-04-28 02:33:16: ClientService cmd: STATUS#pw=XXXXXXN0ufvInZrIfFH0KhpMbIGmY
2023-04-28 02:34:04: ClientService cmd: STATUS DETAIL#pw=vc6dx0KNXXXXXXZrIfFH0KhpMbIGmY
2023-04-28 02:34:04: rc=0 hasError=true state=0
2023-04-28 02:34:08: ClientService cmd: STATUS#pw=XXXXXXN0ufvInZrIfFH0KhpMbIGmY
2023-04-28 02:34:12: ClientService cmd: UPDATE SETTINGS internet_mode_enabled=true
2023-04-28 02:34:12: rc=0 hasError=true state=0

It is now 4 days of stuffing about uninstalling, reinstalling changing configs on both the server and client.
Still no backups still no real connection. Occasionally the client connects and throws error after error. The client sends STATUS DETAIL every 1 second. The Server sends Identity to the client, fails then tries again 10 minutes later.
I do not understand why this is so difficult.

Okay, I lose. I am not going to be using URBackup.