Reinstalling urbackup & using old backup files

A while ago I had need to reinstall urbackup on my server and I got into a bit of a mess trying to get it to recognise the existing backups from a number of computers.In the end I just went back to the beginning and re did all the backups for 5 computers, not many but it still takes a while.
For future info and because I may have to do this again in the near future (due to some intermittent issues with the server computer itself) I would like to know how this can be done.
All my computer backup files are on 1 dedicated hard drive. My question then is - if I need to reinstall urbackup server, how do I get the new installation to recognise the existing backup files???


Hi Papie,

It shouldn’t be much to be able to get Urbackup to recognize and reuse your existing backups. All you have to do is (if you are still able to salvage files from your server) to backup the database and put it back after reinstall.

On Linux (the only system that I have installed Urbackup on) Urbackup stores its database at /var/urbackup and it backs it up in the backup path under urbackup directory. So for example if your backup path is /backups then Urbackup database is backed up in /backups/urbackup.

Backing up and restoring the database is as simple as copying out and in the /var/urbackup directory or copying the /backups/urbackup directory to /var after the reinstallation.


I was in the same situation today, and reinstalled the OS (ubuntu), put the drive back in the same location for the backups, and copied what was in the backup drive’s urbackup into /var/urbackup. Things looked good, configuration is all there, etc, logs indicate I just need a backup of all the clients (as expected since it was down awhile), but as they start indexing the server crashes with:
Aug 18 02:30:14 urbackup kernel: [ 332.668123] delete fbackup[2067]: segfault at 10 ip 0000559a83428835 sp 00007fab63ff6630 error 4 in urbackupsrv[559a83258000+5b3000]

If I can’t re-use the backups, what is the command to ‘start over’ with the database?

Nevermind :wink: Found that when I restored the OS I mounted the urbackup disk in not the exact same place, so all the recovery was off. Put things where they belonged and it acting like new :slight_smile:

Many thanks people. I know this is very much a team effort (not run by a business) and users have the all the experience to share. But sometimes I find it hard to get my head around the design thinking behind this sort of software. I am after all an older analog techie and used to different sorts of approaches to technology per say.