Regex include/exclude (directories to backup, exclude, include precedence)

Hi all,

As far as I understand, each file below any of the “directories to backup” has to first match the included files list to be considered for backup and may then be excluded by the exclude list.
What can I do to, for example, backup / (root) while excluding anything in /var/cache except /var/cache/pacman?

If my understanding of the precedence is correct, the only way to achieve this without explicitly listing all directories (except /var/cache/pacman) in the exclude list would be to use a virtual subclient that backups only /var/cache/pacman with an empty exclude list.
If so, I’d like to request e.g. regex with negative lookahead to be allowed in the exclude and include fields. As it is right now, managing separate settings for each client would complicate things massively, since “separate settings for this client” decouples all the settings from the defaults or assigned group.

If it makes a difference, I’m using client 2.1.16 on arch linux installed via the aur package and server 2.1.19 on ubuntu.

Edit: If regex were allowed in the exclude list, the equivalent of this would do the trick:
find /var/cache | grep -P '\/var\/cache\/(?!(pacman|pacaur)).*'

In your case you could also exclude /var/cache as root/var/cache/* (using the default share name) and then add /var/cache/pacman as separate directory to backup.

But yeah. Regex excludes/includes would be nice.