Red Icon Client all the time

The server and client are working perfectly, I have no complain about this amazing tool but the Icon in the task bar in Windows is always in Red, even if the last backup has been done recently. It turns yellow when is indexing and that´s fine of course but after the backup task it turns red again, in the server Dash everything says OK is just in the client icon.
Version in the server: 2.0.36
Version in the client: 2.034

I know this is more of a minor cosmetic thing, but you could try restarting the UrBackup service on your client and relaunching UrBackup application – or simply restart your computer. If that does not fix your issue, you can always install the client again – just run the installer without uninstalling.

Hi @ttrammell, thanks for your answer,

Well, I tried 3 of them (restart service, relaunch application and restart the pc) and it’s doing the same thing. It should be something in the source code that is not properly calculating the time rage since the last backup and the current time. I don’t know if you know what I mean.

I understand what you are getting at; however, I do not know where to go from here.

I would not – personally – think that it is source code or everyone else would have the same issue; I do not remember having that issue when I was on 2.0.X (I upgraded to 2.1.X).

I am out of ideas for you to try – beyond a reinstall of the application which you did not mention.

I´m recently upgraded to the 2.1.x beta version and stills doing it. Let´s see what can I do regarding that and if I have any new I let you know. Thanks

Could you have look at/post the client log file?

Yes, I´ve already done it and everything is working perfect you´ll see here, it´s just the red icon and I´ve noticed that is in the Local Server mode because I have a connection from another country in Internet Mode and the the white Icon appears when the backup is updated. What´s the range more less that you take on count for determinate whether is updated??

this is the last log:

Starting unscheduled incremental file backup…
Selected no components to backup
Scanning for changed hard links on volume of “C:”…
Indexing of “folder_bak” done. 1 filesystem lookups 577 db lookups and 1 db updates
tower-2: Loading file list…
tower-2: Calculating file tree differences…
tower-2: Calculating tree difference size…
tower-2: Linking unchanged and loading new files…
Waiting for file transfers…
Waiting for file hashing and copying threads…
Saving file metadata…
Writing new file list…
All metadata was present
Transferred 4.97291 MB - Average speed: 15.5656 MBit/s
Time taken for backing up client tower-2: 30s
Backup succeeded

it turned White and in less than a minute red again

Usually after three times the smallest full/incremental image/file backup interval. Could you have look at the log file on the client. Maybe some helpful error/warning is in there.

No errors, no warnings, everything is working as should be regard the schedule. A detail that I don´t know if could help. I´m doing only “File Backups” and here you have the parameters:

Interval for incremental file backups: 24 hrs
Interval for full file backups: 30 days
Minimal number of incremental file backups: 1
Maximal number of incremental file backups: 3
Minimal number of full file backups: 1
Maximal number of full file backups: 1

Did you ever find a fix for this?

I have the same very annoying issue with the Mac client version 2.2.6. All symptoms are the same as you reported: the icon stays red except for when a backup is occurring. There are no errors or warnings in the client log.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client, but it doesn’t fix this problem. Otherwise, things run normally. Backups are running on schedule, and the server log also shows no errors. But I’m constantly looking at a red icon.

Thanks for any tips.

I have the same problem on one site with 18 clients - red icon on all of them.
All clients are running different versions of Windows operating system. UrBackup runs in Internet mode.

Very annoying especially that I’ve already trained users to report red icon event…

Make sure your client names don’t have special characters in them:
No ' eg Client name of test' 1
No : eg Client name of test: 1
are two I’ve confirmed cause problems at the very least. There may be other special characters in client names that also cause issues.

I saw in the release notes somewhere that it was attempted to be fixed but I confirmed with a test client that the problem is not resolved.

@silversword, problem you described is completely different and probably unrelated.

In my case - and in original post - backup jobs are running fine. Both client and the server are reporting correct status i.e. connected.
Our problem is that client tray icon turns red immediately after backup job finishes and stays red until the next job is active. It’s only while the backup is running when it turns yellow. Then it goes red again, even when the job finished with no errors or warnings.

Problem SOLVED.

Most probably you are using file backups only (no image backups). In that case red icon means that image backup failed, even if you don’t really want it. And it’s a bit tricky to configure UrBackup for file backups only.

One would assume that Settings->Server->Do not do image backups should do the trick but turns out you also have to disable image backup intervals on Settings->Image backups page. Now the client will finally stop complaining and tray icon works as expected.

@uroni I’ve noticed it’s not the first time this setting is a source of confusion. Is there any benefit of having this functionality split on two screens?

Hi Michal,

I appreciate your feedback on this, and I tried your suggestion especially because I’m using only file backups and not image backups. However, in my case it didn’t help. The one stubborn Mac client I have still shows the red icon all the time, except when performing backups.

The icon behavior should be based on some real logic, but I can’t possibly imagine what’s going on to trip it up!

Thanks anyway for your suggestion – hopefully it will help someone else!