Recover from an image backup

Masterfully done, I have now allowed two systems to fully image.

The results of the imaging backup is a VHD file. I installed VirtualBox (3.2 is the version I have at hand) and created a new VM using the existing VHD as the storage. Otherwise, I took the defaults. This only results in an error once the VM hits the storage that says, “Error Loading Operating System”.

I think there must be some magic that needs to happen between the time the image file is saved and the time I try to use it as an image to pull files, but I am not sure what that magic to use. Any thoughts?

There is some magic required to make Windows bootable if the hard disk type changed. UrBackup does not do this magic, which makes the image non-bootable. The windows wouldn’t be activated as well.
For efficiency reasons UrBackup puts the windows partition not at a cylinder boundary which makes windows versions lower equal WinXP not bootable as well.
So either use Gizmo Central to mount the image
or create an XP system in your Virtual Box and add the UrBackup image as second drive.

If you restore the image using the downloadable live cd everything will be fine as well. So you could create an empty virtual box drive and restore to it. But this would be very inefficient. Best go with Gizmo.