Recommendation for backup-paths for Ubuntu Server 16.04 with MySQL

Hi there! I’ve managed to install Urbackup as server under Windows 2012 R2 Server and I’ve installed the client on a remote ubuntu vm which successfully. Connection is working fine and, but I’ve not specified any backup paths yet because I’m quite unsure what to add here.

At the end of the day I want a full image-based backup including the mysql dump.

How do I have to define the backup paths on the client for this to work under Ubuntu 16.04?

Concerning mysqlpdump I’ve already followed all steps mentioned here and edited the file “/usr/local/etc/urbackup/mariadbdump.conf” to my needs. Is there no need to enter the database I want to backup (f.e. when the system has multiple schemata?) Is the dump directly transfered to the server when the backup job starts?

  1. There s about no way you can do a full image backup on linux and guaranty it to be consistant.
  2. Backup scripts provided by urbackup can usually stream the data they backup to the backup server, s no temp space is needed.
  3. Just try to set it up, see if there s any issue/questions, report them if any.