(Re)configuring urbackup client on linux

Hi, I am at a loss. I am trying to (re)configure an urbackup client on linux that was previously configured to a different urbackup server.

Did uninstall_urbackupclient

Then on server, added a new Internet client/client behind NAT and ran the installation script on client.

/etc/init.d/urbackupclientbackend start:

2020-06-05 15:43:47: SQLite: recovered 24 frames from WAL file /usr/local/var/urbackup/backup_client.db-wal code: 283
2020-06-05 15:43:47: urbackupserver: Server started up successfully!
2020-06-05 15:43:47: FileSrv: Server started up successfully
2020-06-05 15:43:47: Started UrBackupClient Backend...
2020-06-05 15:43:48: Looking for old Sessions... 0 sessions
2020-06-05 15:43:49: Trying to connect to internet server "##REMOVED##" at port 55415
2020-06-05 15:43:49: Successfully connected.

(server shows Client online: No)
urbackupclientctl start -i
gives: Error starting backup. No backup server found.
And log:

2020-06-05 15:58:33: urbackupserver: No available slots... starting new Worker

2020-06-05 15:58:33: ClientService cmd: STATUS DETAIL#pw=##REMOVED##

2020-06-05 15:58:33: rc=0 hasError=true state=0

2020-06-05 15:58:33: ClientService cmd: START BACKUP INCR#pw=##REMOVED##

2020-06-05 15:58:33: rc=0 hasError=true state=0

What am i doing wrong? If client thinks its “Successfully connected”, why does the server not see it?

The most easy solution is a install pre-configured client.


  • Download pre-configured client from UrBackup server. If you don’t have download buttons - solution here;

  • Remove your urbackup client uninstall_urbackupclient;

  • Install pre-configured urbackup client (sudo sh YourUrBackupClient.sh;);

Important!!! The client should be able to connect to the server using the dns name specified in “Internet server name / IP” even if the server is located locally.

That’s all! Try this.

That is exactly what I did…
As i wrote - uninstall_urbackupclient, configure on server, run preconfigured install script on client.
DNS resolves on the client correctly, they are actually on the same LAN, so no connection issues.

Why does the client log “Successfully connected” if it isn’t? Connected to what?

#urbackupclientctl status

"capability_bits": 65548,
"finished_processes": [],
"internet_connected": true,
"internet_status": "connected",
"last_backup_time": 0,
"running_processes": [],
"servers": [],
"time_since_last_lan_connection": 2734433283

# urbackupclientctl start -i
Error starting backup. No backup server found.

The server also logs successful connection for this host:
2020-06-06 02:16:52: Authed+capa for client '$$REMOVED$$' (encrypted-v2, compressed-v2, token auth) - 1 spare connections
But web gui shows NO in Online column for this client.

Hmmm. It’s strange. I don’t know.

Does your urbackup server behind NAT? If yes, may by you incorrectly port mapped 55415/tcp to server?
Or firewall problems.

For understand the problem at the server side or client side try to install install pre-configured client to windows at the same network as your current client. Will it work or not? If that client won’t work the problem ins’t at the client side.

Other clients work fine in the same network, win and linux.

Hi! Did you solve your problem?

if no, may be key of your old server saved in your system. I mean key in file server_idents.txt.
Therefore new server can’t connect to client.

Thank you!!