Raspberry Pi4 Running Ubuntu Mate


I like to look of this package and wanted to try it on my Ubuntu Fileserver.
However my efforts to install the urbackup server have so far failed.

I am running Ubuntu Mate 20.04.1 LTS on a 2GB Raspberry Pi 4

When I try to install “urbackup-server_2.4.13.0-1_amd64.deb” using Package Installer I recveive the following error:
“Error: Wrong architecture ‘amd64’ Run dpkg --add-architectre to add it and update afterwards”
This appears to be an instruction for the builder of the package rather than the installer!

Has anyone successfully installed urbackup on a Pi running Ubuntu?


Probably your Ubuntu isn’t amd64 architecture.

Try to install urbackup-server_2.4.13_i386.deb

Your Raspberry Pi is armhf architecture, which you can find on the download page under Debian/Ubuntu. Be sure to read the Hints for installation on Debian/Ubuntu.

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Spot on Don
Basic muppetry on my part
Got it now

Thanks very much for your help