Raspberry Pi OMV server slow, but was very fast?

Hi - So I was successful in installing, setting up, and using the Raspberry Pi OpenMediaVault server plugin, and at the beginning it was ingesting files into the server at blazing speed, 80-90 Mbit / sec, which was great. Then a few hours later the speed has fallen to, and seems to be staying at, around 30-40 Mbit / sec, without my touching any settings (that I know of)?

I looked to see if the checkbox in the Advanced tab for “Run backups with background priority on the clients” was set, and it is not (in the web interface, anyway). Is there a way to check if it is indeed set to On in a preference file on either the Pi or my Win10 clients somewhere? And / or to manually set it to Off in said preference file on the Win10 clients and Pi Server?

The drop of 50 Mbit per sec is pretty strange. Windows Firewall is disabled on both, and sending files to the Pi via OpenMediaVault SMB share does go at the top speed of the Pi ethernet, a little under 100 megabits, so I know it’s not a wire or switch issue.

I have rebooted and powered down the Pi Server and both clients, leaving all off for several minutes, with no speed bump reversal. Aside from reformatting the Pi SD card, what is the best way to clean reset, or even uninstall the Pi Server? It does not seem that unclicking the package in OpenMediaVault does fully uninstall it, because I did try that and the settings still seemed to remain after I rebooted and reinstalled the Pi OMV UrBackup Server via the plugin?

As I mentioned in my other post, I am still getting my sea legs with what UrBackup Server can and can’t do. It seems really close to a perfect solution in my case, once I get through these odd configuration issues.

Thank you guys and gals, and have a great day!

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