Ransomware vulnerability?

My question is: urbackup server is vulnerable to ransomware?
If one pc is infected and is backed up (file and image backup) from urbackup server, all my backups from server will be infected?


Why should they be? the file hashes differ and ransomware is not executed on the server.

You would be protected, as long as you don’t do anything stupid.

If you were to do something stupid like share out the directory that contains the backups, and especially so if you mapped that drive to a computer, then your backups could get encrypted.

Also, if you installed the ransomware on the computer that serves as the UrBackup server you would obviously lose all of your backups that way.

But, don’t do anything stupid and you should be fine. Especially if you pair UrBackup with VSC/snapshotting.

Thanks for your answers.
The server is an ubuntu and the directory that contains the backup is not shared. So i think i didn’t do anything stupid for now :smile: