Quota enforcement email

Hi. First of all, congratulations for the Urbackup software. I’m receiving an email every night saying this:

“Client uses 53.1042 GB and has a quota of 40 GB
This requires enforcement of the quota.”

My server runs Windows. How I must do the enforcement of quota?. Thanks a lot.

Kind regards.

Hi. Anybody knows something about this?. Thanks a lot.

Kind regards.

Hi Aminoelme,

have you changed the Client Quota limit under settings in the urbackup server web console?

Hi Marveltec. Thanks for you reply. No, the client Quota limit is the same since I created the client (40GB). But now, client uses 60GB and I receive the email I post every day. It occurs only with this client on server, not in the others. Thanks a lot.

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Is it not possible that your clients backup size is now greater than your quote limit? if so I would guess that after each backup you would exceed the limit causing the message to be emailed. Check the size of the folders you have selected as part of the backup.

Hi again. OK, I’ll check the folders size and write here again. Thanks a lot.

Kind regards.

It could also be that you need to adjust the min number of file/image backups such that the quota can be enforced by deleting backups.

Thanks a lot to all. The 3 folders size I’m copying weights 20GB. I adjusted now the min number of file backups from 20 to 10. Tomorrow I’ll see how it works. Thank to all of you again for your help.

Hi again. I changed the min number of file backups and it worked!. Urbackup deleted backups, and now, client quota is OK. Thanks a lot for your help.

Kind regards.