Questions about 1.5

I was going to try to compile 1.5 and test it, but there is a dependency for pychart listed as “\urbackup_libs\libx64” and I cannot find any reference to where do download this dependency?

Also, I think I saw mention in there of the ability to download files from the client interface? Is that a coming feature? Do you have any idea on when 1.5 might be finished?

@uroni, as you are online, can I bother you for an answer to the above please?

Finally got around to that:


Wonderful. Thank you.

I would be happy to help with testing, if needed.

I would be happy to help with testing also. I have a pretty extensive virtualization lab.

I understand that this new version will be able to retain the file attributes such as modified date.

Will you be able to release this feature for testing in 1.4.9 first as retaining attributes of backed up files is an important feature for most people.