Question on archive function and backup best practise


I have been working with UrBackup during the last weeks and I really like the software and it’s functions.
Currently I am checking the possibility to implement a grandfather-father-son scheme or something similar.

My current idea is, that I set the incremental image backup to daily and the full image backup to seven days. Doing that, I will have one full backup per week.

Furthermore I would like to have one full backup on every first day of the month. This should be done by the client task manager calling the UrBackup command to execute a full backup.

Would that be a workable solution or are there any other ways?

The next step would be to archive the backups (weekly backups for eight weeks, montly backups for twelve month).

My archive settings look like the following example:

  • Archive every 3 days
  • Archive for 8 weeks
  • Archive window ;;*;5 ->> So that it gets only executed on each Friday
  • Backup type: Full image backup
  • Volume letters: ALL

Could I just so the same in parallel for the monthy backups as well?

And perhaps one very special question that uroni may answer…
If I do not specify “Full image backup” as type in the archive function, it might be possible that an incremental image backup is archived, right? If this is done, is the full backup of the same chain archived as well or could this one be deleted by the clean up job leaving only the incremental image backup on disc that cannot be used anymore?

// Wulffi

All the required images should be archived automatically.