Question about hardlink with ntfs

I have a question about hardlinks with ntfs.

If I have understood the documentation, hardlinks on ntfs works with urbackup only if the server ask to the client to do a incremental backup.

If the client do a incremental backup itself, hardlinks doesn’t work ?

What about full backup ?

In my case, with a windows 2003 server, hardlinks doesn’t seem work. The urbackup data does 105 Go on the server but web interface only report 30 Go.

Auto-cleanup during the night doesn’t seem work. I have 3 max incremental backup for client and 2 max full backup but the server keep several version (6 in my case).

Could you help me with this issue ? urbackup seem a really good product if I can be sure that hardlinks works.

Hardlinks are always used even when you do a full backup. Windows Explorer just doesn’t report the directory size correctly (it effectively cannot). If you really want to measure harddisk usage you have to watch the disk space usage of the whole disk.

Regarding the cleanup issue: Can you give me more details. Like are those all file backups. In which time frame were they done?

Can you temporarily turn on “autoshutdown” and restart the server and report if the cleanup happens then?


Thanks for your quick answer. I have made some mistake with client configuration. All is ok.

I have post a resquest on bug tracker, I hope you will be able to fix it. I really want use your product.

Ok fixed it in the new version :)