Qnap & UrBackup nie robi kopi

Hello all, I have a problem with UrBackup that looks like this. I have installed Urbackup on Qnapie TS-453A ver 4.3.3. Ports redirected correctly 55415 visible on wan side, computers see Qnap Urbackup server and vice versa, it seemed that everything is OK but do not want to do Backup on qnapie and I do not know why? :frowning:
I’m not sure about the proper directory (Slides) in which to save copies on qnapie or is it “/ UrBackup” correctly? So I called the directory in Qnap

Firmware version: x.x.x Build 20170901
Server Model: QNAP TS-453A ver 4.3.3.

Hello have you an nser to Your Post

set Backup Path on a QNAP?
thx a lot