Qnap application, backups failing, exclude filters not working

Hello all,
I recently installed the Qnap application on my NAS and have connected a few clients, but keep getting errors when they try to backup. It keeps saying the following:

Connecting to ClientService of "AP-PC" failed - CONNECT error during filelist construction
Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.
Indexing files failed, because of error

Looking at other backup attempts, leads to the next issue from this error:

Following symbolic link at "C:\Users\All Users" to new symlink backup target at "C:\ProgramData"

If you see my list of filter below, it should hopefully have not backed up those folders, I also have “follow symlinks” off in settings, but neither that, nor the filters below are stopping the backups from creating those folders. (there is nothing in them since the backup seems to be failing anyways).

*.pst,*.ost, *\ProgramData\*, *\All Users\*, *\AppData\*, *\Temp\*, *\Public\*, *\Users\Default\*, *\Default User\*, *\All Users\*

The link below shows that the “Application Data” folder seems to just keep on going, recreating the symlinked folder structure over and over.

How can I make it ignore the Symlinks, and also stop backing up all the default directories and such within the C:\Users folder?

If anyone has some insight, I would greatly appreciate it.

Could you remove the space after the comma in the exclude list?

I certainly can. Hard to tell if it will help though as of yet, since I can not seem to get the actual backups to work. It seems like it is trying to do incremental ones, but it is failing on trying to do full file backup.

This did not seem to work. It is still following a symbolic link on Windows 8 and backing up the programdata folder even though I have *\ProgramData* in the exclusions list.

Every backup from a particular user looks like the below.