Pull-Type Backup Via FTP?

I have FTP access to a Linux server and would like to backup one of the directories. Is there a way to use clientless backup using FTP?


An interesting question! My solution would be to mount the FTP filesystem as a mount point (Linux) or virtual drive (Windows) on a UrBackup Client or virtual sub client and treat it like any other backup item. There are several choices for either Linux or Windows Clients. You did not specify any other details about your UrBackup Server or existing Clients, so I can’t be more specific.

Right now I don’t have a Linux test client operating, so I tried SFTP Drive from /n software inc. under Windows. This product is available free for non-commercial use and is inexpensive for business use. After a quick install and setup, SFTP Drive was able to backup the selected files from my remote Linux server via SSH (secure FTP), however there was an error logged that the Client was unable to create a shadow copy of the target. This may be a limitation of Windows or of the specific product I tried, your experience may differ.

Please let us know how you solve this issue.

Hey, yeah. Great idea. I didn’t even think of that. I can use Linux local to mount, but since I land in a different directory on the remote system, I need to find a way to either change to a different directory or find a way to specify the directory when mounting via ftp connect.

Right now, I am using:

curlftpfs -o allow_other username:password@remote_host /local_dir

Thanks @Don_Wright.