Proxmox Backupserver - competitor or complementary to UrBackup?

Proxmox has released a beta version of a backup server and I am looking forward to many features. Especially the easy collaboration with Proxmox virtualization is a big advantage.
I use UrBackup for file backup and backup of (hardware) server system images and I am also very satisfied, especially because it works very well in a hybrid OS environment.

A feature I have been waiting for is the backup server duplication, which will be available in Proxmox. Urbackup hasn’t planned this yet, has it?
But file backup will only work under Linux and not as mature as Urbackup.

I would prefer a combination of both with their respective strengths.
Will there ever be such a combination?

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I would say that it is currently complementary, mostly suitable for VM Image Backups. I don’t know where they’re going with the file-level backups. UrBackup is indeed way more mature for backing up files.

Also, the UrBackup Appliances do support replication of the data: