Protect excluded directories when restoring?


Would it be relevant with a flag for urbackupclientctl restore-start that would protect items in the exclude list from deletion?

For instance, for convenience sake I’d like to back up / (rootfs) to include any directories that might be added after setting up. But I do want to exclude at least proc, sys and dev, and run restore-start with the -n flag as the restore process otherwise would try to delete these first, breaking the machine. But by using the -n flag, that would also potentially keep bad or unnecessary data in directories included in the backup set that has accumulated since last backup.

I could avoid using / altogether, and add specific directories to back up, etc, boot, home, var etc. but that is somewhat less flexible compared to the suggested set and forget-solution.

Would such a flag make sense, or is there a different method to achieve this that I have overlooked?

Best regards

It should already do this. Did this not work in your case?