Proper way to get full images on linux?

Could someone give me a quick rundown of how I can get full image backups working? I am just looking for a test environment at this point. I would like to do a clean install of any linux flavor you suggest and get it working with images using either dattobd or LVM. I have tried Ubuntu and the UrBackup client says it is supported but in the web interface I always get Full Image Not Supported.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated,



Full image backup is not supported directly, but full file backup is the same with that on linux (or close enough). It is important to have a consistant backup - mainly because of any datanases you might have, or files open whilst backing up - to have a kernel plugin to do snapshots of the fielsystem before backup and delete the snapshot after backup. It is supported in urbackup, and there is a project as well that you can use, dattobd. You will have to download it and build for the tools to work (apt get did not made the tools working for me by install) but it is not a very hard thing to do. There are descriptions on urbackup forums how to do it.

Regards, Tam