Prohibit same time backup to local and internet server


Please add option “Prohibit same time backup to local and internet server” at new version.

It will be very useful, because when one client create backup to both servers it works very slow.

That’s an interesting idea, but I would have some concerns about that.

If the Internet server backup takes a long time, and the client is allowed to send backups to only one server at a time, then you will get no updated local backup until the remote backup completes.

I don’t know that I would like that tradeoff.


Yes it could be.
But It’s would be addition option in advanced settings. If you don’t want you don’t use it.

In my case internet speed 500Mbit and internet backup creates fast. And it will be very useful for me.

We have a 1Gbit link for our backups, but full backups of 800GB to 2.5TB still take much longer of the WAN than over the LAN… :grinning:

True. Good point.