Problems with UrBackup Server running in Docker on UnRaid Server

Good Day,
I am having lots of problems with running UrBackup in a Docker container on an UnRaid Server.
As info, this is my 5th UrBackup server install, and have not had any issues at all, until now.
However, this IS my first one running as a docker container, which may (or may not) be the entire source of my issues.
I have scoured this forum and many others without any luck on finding a solution, I created an account here so that I can hold my hat in my hand and ask for assistance.

UnRaid version 6.12.4 (current as of today)
UrBackup Server version 2.5.31 (current as of today)
docker source is from the “uroni/urbackup-server” repository, maintained by “Masterwishx”, via the app store inside UnRaid. (meaning that I did not download a random docker image, I used one from the store)

Issues encountered:
-NONE of the scheduling I am configuring is being followed. No matter where I set the intervals, it always only runs at the default every 6 hours. (I have set it at the global level, in each group, in each client setting on the server, and in the settings on the client itself).
-Include/Exclude not being followed consistently. After I set the files and directories to include and/or exclude, it follows my settings for about a week, then reverts back to the default setup.
-Volumes choice is ignored. It always backs up ONLY the C: Drive of my windows clients, no matter how I tell it to do “ALL”, “ALL_NOUSB”, or by explicitly indicating each drive letter.
-Linux Workstation stopped backing up. I installed the client on one of my Linux workstations, put it in a separate group, configured the files/directories for include/exclude. It worked wonderfully, for about 2 weeks, and has not backed up since. The logs now show that it fails because it cannot find the volume “C:”! It is not configured for C drive!!!
-Linux Server will not appear. I installed the client onto one of my Linux servers. The client is installed and running, but the UrBackup server does not see it. Both the Linux server and the UrBackup server have been rebooted as an attempt to get them to see each other. I can ping and ssh into the UrBackup server from the Linux server, so it is not a network path or firewall issue.

I will add that there are 2 UrBackup docker apps in the UnRaid app store:
1 maintained by Masterwishx, from the uroni/urbackup-server repository
1 maintained by Binhex from the binhex/arch-urbackup repository

I can provide the log file, but it is 129 MB, not sure where or how you want it sent.

Am I missing something obvious?
Is this a side effect of running UrBackup in a Docker? Or that is it on UnRaid?
Is anyone else successfully running UrBackup in a Docker on UnRaid?

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