Problems with Urbackup and WLAN - Clients do not find the server -

Dear all,
I have a urbackup server 2.3.8 server up and running with local clients.
WLAN has another subnet, but the Wlan-Clients can ping etc. everything in my other network.
Does anybody has an idea?

Best Regards,

Local client discovery depends on UDP Broadcast packets, which do not normally cross subnet boundaries. Follow the Internet Client instructions instead - that’s what it’s made for.

Documentation, right?

What kind of work do I have to do, that the Client are doing the internet backup?

Have you been successful? I have encountered the same problems, WLAN router spanning a new subnet. Thanks for your advice.

See the Internet clients documentation for how to set up non-local clients. Also see Internet settings for configuration details.

Deinstall the clients and install client with internet settings.