Problems with running backups on a schedule

Добрый день ! У меня много вопрос по urbackup

  1. У меня автоматически не запускается бэкап по расписанию, если запускать в ручную то все хорошо, по расписанию не хочет, у меня 10 клиентов и на всех по расписанию бэкап не работает, ( Я делаю только образы системы)

  2. Почему в расписании мы выставляем диапазон времени например с 7/3-4 ? , почему нельзя выставить просто 7/3:00 – так сделать не дает пишет “ неверный формат”.

  3. Чистка вроде работает, но каждый раз у меня пишет пример : -46Gb, на следующий день -48Gb, однако когда я захожу на store, где содержатся копии я вижу свои бэкапы целыми, я не понимаю он чистит или не чистит бэкапы ??? Они же должны удалится

Good day! I have a lot of question on urbackup

My backup does not automatically start on a schedule, if I run it manually, everything is fine, it doesn’t want a schedule, I have 10 clients and the backup doesn’t work for everyone, (I only do system images)

Why in the schedule we set the time range for example from 7 / 3-4? why it is impossible to set just 7/3: 00 - it doesn’t allow to write “wrong format”.

Cleaning seems to work, but every time I write an example: -46Gb, the next day is -48Gb, but when I go to the store where I keep my backups whole, I don’t understand if it cleans or doesn’t clean backups ??? They should be removed

To my understanding it’s 7 (means day) and 3-4 is the clock.
So from Monday to friday is: 1-5
Then you can set the time when it takes backups to 3-4
So in all: 1-5 / 3-4

I understand this, I do not understand why it is necessary from 3-4, why it is impossible just from 3:00 and all

As shown in the Server Admin Manual, section 8.3.1, you can specify the minutes in the backup window. The given example is:

Mon-Fri/8:00-9:00, 19:30-20:30;Sat,Sun/0-24: On weekdays backup between 8 and 9 and between 19:30 and 20:30. On Saturday and Sunday the whole time.

The backup range specifies the times during which UrBackup will try to start backups on clients, as needed to fulfill the given backup intervals. If you only want to start backups between 3:10 and 3:40 on Sunday, you can enter Sun/3:10-3:40 for your backup window.

Backups run until finished - they do not arbitrarily cut off at the end of the schedule range. If you really need to limit the time taken for backups, there are advanced techniques which allow backing up part of the client on one day and another part on another day. Let us know if that is the case.

Have you tried just: 1-5 / 3?

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Thank you very much ! it is already clear, I still have a question, tell me if you have a backup on a schedule with (images) ???

Tried, did not work, but does it work for you ??? Do you back up the images?

It does work for me, but i use the time 3-4.
And yes i do take Image backup, why?

that is, do I understand you, do you have a good job with rapscript with images?