Problems with migration to new disk

Hi there. Plz help me.
I have URBackup server on Windows and i want to migrate db to new larger disk. For now db is on disk D and i had connected new disk F and hadmigrated all the stuff to it by instruction from manual:

“Create a file named “migrate_storage_to” in /var/urbackup or C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\ urbackup with the only content of the file being the path where you want to migrate the backups to. Afterwards restart UrBackup server and the migration should begin. You can see the migration progress on the activities page. After the migration is finished change the backup storage path to the new location in the settings or mount the new backup storage at the old location. Afterwards run “remove unknown”” - did it.

Aftrerwards i have disconnected disk D and about 80% of data hava been lost in web interface. But when i connect disk D reverse, all the data is ok.

What i did wrong?

I beleive the point is in hard links but i dont know how to migrate ALL the data to new disk right.

Are you sure you waited long enough to finish the migration?

I dont know for sure. Files were transfering for 5 days (5Tb) and server was restarted at the end. I saw “migrate_storage_to.done” file and thought that migration was done.

What should i do now when i already have changed “backup storage path” and “remove_unknown” was done?

Can i simply change “backup storage path” back to D:\ and start the “migrate_storage_to” process again?

Well i again faced with migration problem and now handled it with Fastcopy.

URBackup is installed on Windows 2019. Backup folder: F:\URBackup is almost 6Tb in size. Have to copy it to new disk D: with preserving all the hardlinks.

Fastcopy did it in 42 hours.
2023-09-22 15_12_08-QEMU (WIN-URBACKUP) - noVNC

DO NOT FORGET to enable “Reproduce Hardlink” in Copy Options of Main Settings:

All i have to do afterall was change drive letter back to F: from D:

Maybe it will help someone sometime.