Problems with large files backup and with forcing backups

Hi Martin. Lately I’ve upgraded Urbackup server from 1.3.1 version to 1.4.3 version. I’ve also upgraded clients to 1.4.1/1.4.2 version. And I must say that i have a lot of errors similar to this: "Error getting file patch for “uOA9EbowekyNK8L2LER7|Documents” and then “Client XXXXXXX went off line.” which is not true that the client is off line (I’ve checked). The errors I have are with big files usually with Outlook “pst” files.
The second problem is with manually forcing backup. Explanation:
Lets say i have “Max number of simultaneous backups” set to 5 and all slots are taken. Then i force client backup. Nothing happens. When one of the taken slots is released i have, the backup that i forced and any new backup does not start. I just have 4 slots taken. When i change the value to 6 slots the new backup jumps right in but then i have 5 slots taken from 6. I had a situation that for 10 slots i had two of them occupied by hanged backups (i don’t know why they hanged, progress was on 100% but there was few files in queue). I left those backups for over 3 days. When i changed the maximum number of backups to 12, 2 new backups jumped right in and i had 2 new and 2 hanged backups. This situation lasted until l restarted Urbackup service. I didn’t have this problems with older server versions.
A thought: can You create a mechanism that when you force backup of a client server automatically adds it to “Activities”, without waiting for free slot (bypassing number of backups configured in settings)? I think i would be much better an simpler. I was missing this option since I’ve started using Urbackup.
Please help me with my problems like you did in the past (my old login is bondzo from the old forum).
And like always thnx for your hard work.

Can you send me a (debug level) log of the client and server when this occurs? (to )

Also can you tell on which operating system and with what kind of storage you are working? That backups are hanging at 100% may indicate that the IO subsystem is overloaded.

Also, this probably occurs using Internet clients?

I think this other issue has lower priority.

Hi Martin.
Please remind me how to get those (debug level) logs I’ve been working with 1.3.1 version for a long time (without big problems) and I’m not sure.

And i have another problem. I deleted client from server and i don’t know how to re’add same client to the server? I’ve reinstalled client application, added server keys manually but it does not show in server clients (Not connected to local server). What can i do next?

The info about that is here

Did you click on “show all clients” and the client still did not appear?

Hi sorry for not answering, but i’ve tested my environment a litttle more. Problem with backup errors, got solved by changing type of incremental backups from “Block differences - Hashed” to “Hashed”. The error code when this problem appeared was “Errorcode: INT_ERROR (9)”. I’ve updated clients to 1.4.3 version and server to 1.4.4. After update i didn’t have problem with “hanging backups”, but i’m not sure if this is because update or because changing incremental backup type. I’ve used “Block transfer” because users are working with big files (some of therm got over 30-40 GB), but maybe it’s not necessary now because from what i see, those “Hashed” backups seems much faster with new version of client and serwer. If you need those logs please let me know and i’ll change the type of backup and get them for you. Oh and i forgot to mention that for now i don’t have any Internet clients only local.
And another thing those clients shoved up eventually on the srv. but from what i know it took them 1 or 2 days.

Yes, can you get me the logs, because obviously it should work…

Hi. Here are the logs.
debug.log (44.4 KB) urbackup.log (3.9 KB)

Can you get me the server debug level log? You can also get that on the “all” live log. The debug messages shortly before the INT_ERROR should do.

Hi. Sorry for not writing for a long time but i monitored my environment a little more. Problem is gone. I had some errors with Urbackup server installation.

But now i have another problem. I think that from 1.4.4 server version or smth like that, “Download client from update server:” option does not work. If i have “Autoupdate clients:” checked, server downloads Urbackup client from Internet and forces to update it on clients PC’s, regardless if the first option is checked or not.

Yes that is a bug, that I already fixed. Will be released with the next version. Thanks for the hint!

Btw. somebody else had the INT_ERROR issue and it turned out the file in the previous backup was corrupted on the file system level and ZFS therefore failed to read parts of that file, which caused the UrBackup error. (UrBackup now downloads the parts it cannot read from the last backup instead).