Problem with File Restore Listing

When i go to the file restore via the WebUI, all seems normal:

but when i do the same from the Client …

I see this strange behavior on both UrBackup installations i have.

Server: QNAP, QUrBackup Version 2.1.19
Clinet: Windows 10, UrBackup Version 2.1.15 / 2.1.16-cbt

What can i do?

Would it be much of a problem running a full file backup to check if the issue persists after that?

Not at all.
Unfortunately, the error persists after performing a full file backup from the Client.

Have you upgraded this client from 2.1.14 ?

Yes, from 2.1.14 to 2.1.15 and on the other System from 2.1.14-cbt to 2.1.16-cbt.

2.1.14 had a bug where the permissions of group tokens weren’t set correctly. So maybe deleting the files in C:\Program Files\UrBackup\tokens and then running a full file backup will fix it (this regenerates the tokens with the newer version).

ok, i did it on one of my Clients and i can say that the Directory listing of the full file backup is correct.
On the other Hand, all my entries in the file backup list are gone. i now only see the last one i did after deleting the Content of the c:\program files\urbackup\Tokens Directory.
Also, when i have a look now in that Directory, it only Contents 22 entries (44 before the deletion).
Is there a way to get back my complete file backup list?

There’s another strange Thing to mention:

As you can see from the screenshot above, the file restore listing Reports the incremental as ‘bigger’ than the full backup.
What does that mean?