Problem with "clients settings" resctriction management


I’m having a problem restricting rights for certain users, in the web interface, on the “Clients settings” tab.

“All” for the domain “client_settings” works but not on some machines, ex “1,2,3,4”.
I have no problem with the other restriction areas.

In the web interface, the user sees only one of the machines and does not have access to the drop-down menu to select another.
I tried with several internet browser.

browse_backups 1,2,3,4
client_settings 1,2,3,4
general_settings none
lastacts 1,2,3,4
logs 1,2,3,4
piegraph all
progress 1,2,3,4
remove_client none
settings 1,2,3,4
start_backup all
status 1,2,3,4
stop_backup 1,2,3,4
usermod none
users all

thank you,

UrBackup 2.4.12 / Debian stretch