Problem with backup if path for files and folders to long

BackupServer is an windows server 2012 r2 with e:\urbackup as storage folder.
A well know problem in windows is when folders an filenames are 255 signs long.
Now i gnerate on a client folders and files to the max 255 signs.
Backup will taken, but on Server now the foldersnames are longer then 255 und can’t get in the folder to the files.

Client: c:\Doc\1111111111111111111111…
Server: e:\urbackup\Windows7Test\140122-2324\Doc\1111111111111111111111…

Greetings Mario

It should work. What is the error message by UrBackup? Which server version are you using?

If you can’t access the folders via the Explorer you should use a program that can handle long path names ;)