Problem when backup On Storeonce HPE Appliance

Hello i use urbackup for one year and until now i am very satisfied. We have a Netapp Storage that we have some Nfs shares with a lot of small files that are mounted on linux vm. I use as a storage until now a Synology and one of my biggest backup is 8TB with the deduplication on Urbackup and i take only incremental backups that it takes about 6 to 8 hours every day to finish . But recently we bought 2 Storeonce HPE backup Appliances and we have try as nfs storage on Urbackup our new Storeonces but i have a problem with the inodes on filesystem. The maximum inodes that a nfs share gives in Storeonce is 1000000 but the files that urbackup creates are much more than that. I cant change inodes on Storonce is there a way to configure urbackup so i can solve the problem?