Problem renaming client name - don't need dual backups of same client system

I recently added a new client which showed up as a generic name “LAPTOP-7I21R610” before I could put a more descriptive name in its “client name” setting. It never showed up under that descriptive client name, so I tried putting the same descriptive name in its “Additional virtual sub client names” setting. This didn’t work as I was hoping and then started backing up (both image and file backups) the same client system twice, with a new name: “LAPTOP-7I21R610[Hannah's”.

I don’t see any ability to remove or rename clients from the server’s web user interface. Obviously I’d like to only back the client up once and to rename it to the simple descriptive name if possible. Aside from doing some manual editing in the various backup files to try to achieve this, any ideas about how I could do that?

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions you may have!


Client names are an OS thing.
You have to change the client name in the operating system.
For example: in windows 10 go to Advanced System Properties / Computer Name.
Click Change and set the Computer Name as desired and then reboot.

All for now

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try and then go into the backed up repository with a wrecking ball to try to remove the duplicate backup sets that are currently there. Puzzled that there are parameters for the system name in the client’s settings if they aren’t really used. Oh well, as long as I can see a descriptive name in the backup status and logs that’ll work!