Problem Detected Between UrBackup Client and ESET HIPS

I have a few Windows 10 workstations ~20% that are experiencing a problem with file backups and ESET products, either Antivirus or Endpoint Security. The problem is specifically with ESETS HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) and the UrBackup client indexing, I am assuming HIPS is flagging it as ransomware because of its scanning and prevents any indexing of configured backup folders. You will still get full image backups to your server but the file and incremental file backups won’t even try to index on the local client. The temporary solution was to disable HIPS but I would assume you can add an exclusion.

Hope this helps.

After further troubleshooting the problem, ESET has been determined to not be the problem, it was a local firewall problem with the client.