Probably bug. ALL_NONUSB and Error getting complete file. Full report and solution

Server: UrBackup 2.4.12, debian 10.3 64bit / Linux 4.19.0-8-amd64).
Client: UrBackup 2.4.10, Windows 10x64.

Error: Error getting complete file “MYS6bsEmVRElnx97zvoz|G_0/Test backup folder1/file1.png” from iRDP209. Errorcode: CANNOT_OPEN_FILE (3)

Full report and solution:

Check it on client

Backup folder have only one file

Create incremental backup

Backup started. Check backupdirs

As I see UrBackup found all no usb drives and add them.

Backup finished, no errors.

Check backup. It’s fine.

Then change nothing and create incremental backup one more time.
Backup started. Check backupdirs.

I don’t know why, but names changed from C to C_0, G to G_0, F to F_0.
Same we see in log.

Add only one new file to backup folder.

Then delete file1.
So we have backup folder with only one new file: file2.

Create new incremental backup.
We had error:

But I don’t know how?! I delete that file!
Check backup. It’s empty.

Then I change Default directories to backup: ALL_NONUSB to F:;G:;C:;


Check it on client.

Create new incremental backup.

No errors! It’s fine!

I tested it 5 times:
If I use “Default directories to backup: ALL_NONUSB” it had errors!
If I use “Default directories to backup: F:;G:;C:;” it’s fine!

As I understand it’s bug. I hope my report helps.

Thanks for the detailed error report. This is a relatively new feature (ALL for file backups) so not too surprising that there are issues. I’ll try to reproduce + fix them. If you have any client debug log files, they’d be appreciated. (47.6 KB)

Do you mean C:\Program Files\UrBackup\debug.log ???
The file attached.

This is a relatively new feature (ALL for file backups) so not too surprising that there are issues.

As I understand the problem in that:

  • first run backup drives name just “C”, “F”,“G”,
  • second run backup drives name still “C”, “F”,“G”,
  • But the third run backup drives name becomes “C_0”, “F_0”,“G_0”. In that stadium this error happens.

Annnd 3 days of troubleshooting and finding out this was reported in April and not even a *note beside the option in the manual kind of sucks. Yes this is a free product, for most people, but I pay for infscap the commercial version… Oh and don’t even bother reporting it there as most of the time they respond once then never respond again, or never at all sometimes. Sooooo I guess I will go back through all of my policies to set without the ALL_NONUSB parameter since I have no timeline on when this will be resolved or if ever. "These idiots havent even charged me for my pro version in a year! i am going to have to make a change.