Prefilebackup Parameters

Hello! I recognized that the parameter for “group” in the prefilebackup script is not working, it is always “0”.
I Created a group and added a client, the script in “/usr/local/etc/urbackup” will be executed, type of backup as first parameter and servertoken as second parameter ist set.
I am Using the latest. I am using “” on ubuntu xenial on server and “UrBackup Client Controller v2.1.16.0” on the client.

Does nobody use the scripts? I want to use it for running mysql dump for SQL Servers based on the parameter, how do you solve it? Can somebody confirm the missing parameter or is it a missconfiguration on my server.

The group is different from the server settings groups. See 6.4.1 Client pre and post backup scripts in the manual for parameter info:

See e.g. the PostgreSQL wal backup for example usage: