Prefilebackup and Postfilebackup Scripts Question


Hi there,
I work on a a brand new vanilla Debian 9/XFCE installation I directly installed the urbackup server 2.3.7 and Linux urbackup command line client 2.3.4.
In //usr/local/etc/urbackup/ both scripts named “prefilebackup” and “postfilebackup” reside and are executable.

## Stop application A##
service application_A stop


## Start application A##
service application_A start

The prefibackup script works and stops application A when a file backup begins.
A few seconds later the postfilebackup script is executed and the application A is started again. But the filebackucp process is still ongoing, in detail it is still indexing . The filebackup process takes approx. 4 minutes. My expectation ist, that the postfilebackup script should be executed after the filebackup is finished.
Perhaps I am doing something wrong with the script or I have a somehow mislead expectation.
Thanks in advance for a hint,


Sorry you are having issues. To solve the problem the client (debug) log would be useful.
If possible, could you post it or send it?

This post describes how to change the client to debug logging, where it is stored and where to send it to if posting is not possible: Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting



Thanks uroni for the quick reply and sorry for wasting your time with this issue. Finally, it is not an issue, everything works as intended with the prefilebackup and postfilebackup scripts.
After activating the debug option for the client I could see that the postfilebackup script is executed when the “critical actions” (reading file and folders etc.) are done and only urbbackup server side work is left to do.