Preconfigure Client

Hello there,

I would like to preconfigure client during installation.
Precisly, I would like to fixe the name of the client.
Any idea on how to do this

  • On Windows
  • On MacOS


The client linux is preconfigure Linux Debian 8.9


The server does the configuration for you when you add a client on the status page and then select the client name under download client (for windows). If you want to preconfigure yourself, maybe look up how the server does it in the source code - it’s probably just a wrapper installer that calls the original installer with a few parameters

Hi All,

I found this topic.
The function for preconfigure client download is not useable after my testing.

1.There is no need to input the client name.
It shoud be download preconfigured installer included server ip&keys only for rapid deploy to fresh clients.
2,preconfigure client download only has normal version.
It will be better to choose downloading no trayicon version.(even CBT version after purchasing license)

Server version:2.2.11 on QNAP NAS