Preconfigure client for internet backup

hy - is it possible to preconfigure a client package with the correct settings for internet backup?
I am able to deploy a silent package which contacts the local server - but if i deploy the same package to a internet client - the clients doesnt have the correct setting to contact the urbackup server.
I am able to deploy the package silently to specicfic internet clients because our deployment solution can do this.
I am using only the exe and the /S paramenter for silent install.
Is there anny command to preconfigure the client package ?
I know that i can download a client specific package from urbackup server -but i think the problem ist that the clientname is fixed there - i need a client package with autoconfigured name at install time (like the standard installer with no gui) but the correct internet adress setting + password ?
Is this possible ?

kind regards werner

By no means is this a definite answer I have been running a test run on Two internet clients and 6 local clients and so far I would like to give a NICE JOB to all the developers LOVE the PROGRAM

ther is a blog i made called “INTERNET BACKUP” which gets into more detail but in short this is best answer I could think of

  1. to answer your question I have not seen scripting to deploy a internet client
  2. I have found it best two pre configure the internet client on the server with the password and then download the client with the download button on the server side
  3. then install the package on client…i found that when you do that if you give it a name other than what the client HOST name is you still have to change the HOST name in the Client APP

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@guyfrommesa: If the computername setting does not work, can you give me instructions to reproduce the problem? (The newest server should set the computername correctly when downloading the client)