Postgresql backup with pg_dump on FreeBSD

I have a urbackup server running on FreeBSD with ZFS and lots of Linux and FreeBSD clients. If I try to run a full backup on a FreeBSD client with postgresql dump turned on (POSTGRESQL_DUMP_ENABLED=1) I get this error:

postgresqldump.sql: could not find a “pg_dumpall” to execute
postgresqldump.sql: The program “pg_dump” is needed by pg_dumpall but was not found in the
postgresqldump.sql: same directory as “pg_dumpall”.
postgresqldump.sql: Check your installation.

I can’t seem to find any information about how the postgresql dump works or how it expects the system to be setup (users, paths etc.)

Can anyone give me more information about how the postgresql dump works?


I fixed it by editing /usr/local/share/urbackup/scripts/postgresqldump and putting in the full path to pg_dumpall. I’m using binary packages in FreeBSD from the official repo, I’m guessing it’s a path thing with the urbackup user, but I’m not sure.

Maybe you could submit a patch/file a bug such that it gets patched in FreeBSD ( )?