Postfilebackup.bat not running


I have a client pc that after its update to 1.4.10 it doesnt seem to run the postfilebackup.bat after backup completion. I run a prefilebackup.bat script to stop certain database services from running that are not VSS aware and then a postfilebackup.bat script to start these services again however these services are not restarting after the file backup completes. if i manually run the postfilebackup.bat file the services are restarted.

This bug is still present in client 2.0.29.
Should be fixed IMO.

I don’t even have the postfilebackup.bat script on a new install. I presume you have created it?

EDIT nevermind I found it here -

6.4.1 Client pre and post backup scripts

On Linux the clients pre and post backups scripts are searched for /etc/urbackup/ or /usr/local/etc/urbackup/ (depending on where urbackup is installed). On Windows they are searched for per default in C:\Program Files\UrBackup with a “.bat” file extension. All scripts except “prefilebackup.bat” on Windows have to be created first.