Post File Backup bat on client runs with failed backup also?

Hello from Spain,

I am newbie to UrBackup, I am testing it since a few days ago and it seems amazing piece of software.
One of the things I am interested is monitoring client backups with my RMM software.
I have seen in the forums the option to use postfilebackup.bat in Windows Clients to generate an event in the Windows Event Log.
I am doing it right now, but I have found that this batch file is running also when the client backup failed. So this is not very useful to determine the status of the backup.
Is this normal? I think, as I readed in the docs, that the batch file only runs when the client backup finish succesfully…

Thank you so much in advance

Hi , did you read that thread?

however that s just a pointer, you need to write the actual script yourself

Thanks for your answer. But actually, the batch file method is good enough for my purpose. With my RMM software is very easy query Windows event logs to check it.
What I need to know is if the post backup batch file is started when the client backup fails also, or I an having a bug.
Thank you so much.

I use the postfilebackup.bat file with:
EVENTCREATE /T SUCCESS /L APPLICATION /SO UrBackup /ID 100 /D “File backup succeeded.”

I then check the event log for the absence of this event and that seems to work.

I am not running image backups, only file backups.


Hello @shieldedge,

I am using exactly the same as you, but for any reason, sometimes when the server runs out of space, the client finish the backup with “Failed” status but it runs postfilebackup.bat also…this has happened a few times doing some tests.
However other times, it works correctly.
Thanks a lot.

Yeah, it notifies the client that the backup is okay as soon as it has all the files on the server. It’s a feature, not a bug. Yes, if the server has an issue afterwards or crashes this might mess with your monitoring. But then you should monitor the server also for those issues.

Ok, this clarifies all.

Thanks a lot.