Possibly Bug in restoring zip directories


Server 2.1.19 Installed on windows, Default Configuration

i got incremental file backup and when trying to “Download folder as ZIP” i get emty archive, downloading file by file is working fine, just when i want to download whole directory as a zip it generate empty zip file (22kb size which is strange)

If you need some additional informations im glad to send it to you because this software is awesome : )

I think it was fixed using some other library
But there s some limiation in the zip file format that prevets it from getting to big and/or contain too much files.
You can start a restoration from the client (urbackupctl --help and look for the options and/or manual)

Server logs would be appreciated.

directory isnt big enough for this case (its 2 files, 1mb overall

When trying to download directory on logs i see this
2017-06-12 14:51:37: ERROR: Error getting symlink target of “FilePath\file.xlsx”. Code 0
2017-06-12 14:51:37: ERROR: Error getting symlink target of “FilePath\file2.xlsx”. Code 0

Hmm, it could be mistaking reparse points for symlinks. Do you have any dedup or something similar enabled?

Yes, i got Win server 2012 NTFS dedup (and enabled softlinks)

What you recommend? Dedup is important part of our storage

Is this something wrt. to dedup or is this the “Use symlinks during backup” in UrBackup?

“Use symlinks during incremental file backups”

i’m also having this issue, i’m a bit worried, is there a solution?

Could you try if the 2.2.x server beta fixes this issue?

Im trying 2.2.4 and it looks like fixed, gonna make some more tests and will give you info