Possible to change a urbackup servers identity?

Hello, I posted an earlier problem but I have that fixed now, I was mounting a share wrong. Now I’m running into another little problem I wasn’t able to backup the /var/urbackup on the old server. Is it possible to change the new servers identity to match the old one?


Just for clarification: You set up a new server. Your old clients wont connect because the identity is lost.
You haven’t backed up the old identity file of the server? If so. No you cannot. But you can delete the “server_idents” file on the clients to allow then to autoconnect to the new server if that helps.



Yes I had to start a new server and I couldn’t backup the old identity (Long story short it was not accessible). But removing that server idents file is a quick and easy solution. Thanks!

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So how do you delete it please>

How to deal with the identities is noted in the FAQ in section “Server says ‘Server rejected’ for a client and does not backup that client”